Rick Genest

1/5/12 – Body Art

A friend had also mentioned Rick Genest, who becomes a real life skeleton through the application of makeup. It could be argued that style of the makeup becomes a sinister representation of the Mexican Skulls. Genest is also featured within Lady Gaga’s music video ‘Born This Way’ and there is a tinge of light pink, which adds colour to the sequence.

One could argue that the tuxedo’s compliment the makeup and the style could be interpreted as similar to Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. The music and the reference to skull may also refer to the Dance of Death.

Zombie Boy, http://rickgenest.com/index.php?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task=viewvideo&Itemid=112&video_id=8 (Accessed 1/5/12)

Magliozzi, Ron He, Jenny & Warren, Kate. “Tim Burton: The Exhibiton “. Melbourne: Australian Centre for Moving Image, 2010

Image, http://swabble.me/rick-genest-das-lebendige-skelett/

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