The Decent (Continued)


28/4/12 – The Decent: Horror Film

The decent was quite an unsettling film, which used narrow spaces and angles to create a sense of isolation. Throughout the film, the skull did make a frequent appearance through different compositions, forms and shapes, which assisted with he construction of the storyline. The skull was disguised in the shape of a rock, a mountain and other natural objects, which also distorted the viewer’s perception of the image or the film.

The film features a group of friends who decide to go exploring through the wilderness. As they begin to travel deeper within the caves, they encounter ‘monsters’ who begin to attack each person one by one until the main protagonist, Sarah is accompanied with her own insanity.

Skulls have become a significant part of the film, which correspond with the narrative. Perhaps the skulls becomes a warning sign or an image, which signifies danger to the spectator. In regards to the top image, the skull becomes recognisable when viewing the image sideways and the undistinguishable form is juxtaposed next to an actual representation of a skull.

Marshall, Neil. “The Decent “, 99 Minutes. United States: Lions Gate Films, 2005.


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