Tequila Bottles

24/4/12 – Mammacitas Restaurant, Melbourne

Went to Mammacitas on Collins Street for lunch and recognised these skulls on the top shelf within the bar. Mammacitas is a Mexican restaurant and the bottles do appear similar to the Mexican sugar skulls. I had asked the waiter about the skulls and he had explained that they were bottles of Tequila. There were smaller bottles, which were offered to patrons who ordered tequila within the restaurant. The bottles within the restaurant appear similar to the image at the top of the page.

The bottles within the image belong to a brand also known as Kah Tequila and each skull features a different representation or meaning. The website also explains that the Day of the Day inspired the design of each bottle, which are used to celebrate death and the deceased.

KahTequila, http://www.kahtequila.com/#!the-brand (accessed 24/4/12)

Image, http://msnyder.typepad.com/the_labyrinth/2011/10/skulls-knitted-filigreed-and-filled.html

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