Skulls & Skateboards

25/4/12 – Strapper Surf & Skate Store

While looking through Strapper for a new jacket, I noticed a collection of colourful and vibrant skateboards opposite the shoes. There was also a display featuring skull candy head phones and there were a couple of T-Shirts, which featured Indie Skulls. I was unable to take photos within the store, although the skateboards do appear similar to the skateboards at the top of the page. Strapper also sell Tony Hawk skateboards, which do feature skulls or skeletal figures in different designs.

David.A.Ensmiger explains that Mexican art and celebrations has influenced contemporary ‘street culture’ within the west. The image of the skull began to appear during the 1970’s – 80’s, which was predominately used for many skateboard designs. Ensmiger also suggest that Posada’s work significantly influenced may skull designs that were used to define the ‘skate culture’.

One could argue that the skulls that are used for skateboards, feature different shapes, colours and styles as well as a high level of movement, which may feature similarities with Posada’s animated skeletons. Perhaps the skulls feature a level of motion which also corresponds with the ‘skate culture’.

Ensminger, David.A. Visual Vitriol: The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generation.  Texas: University Press of Mississippi, 2011.

Image, Tonk Hawk,

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