Drug Campaign

23/4/12 – ‘Cocaine Kills’ SCSMT

While browsing on the internet for other advertisements, I recognised this particular campaign, which displays the damaging effects caused by drugs, such as Cocaine. The camera focuses upon the shape of the nose and the light emphasises the nostrils, which appears quite similar to a skull. One could argue that the nostrils are similar to eye sockets, the shape of the nose creates the head and the two droplets of blood create the nose for the skull. The blood droplets also appear to an upside down heart, which contrasts with the dark monochromatic colours. The low camera angle shoot enlarges the shape of the nose, which contrasts with the eyes that are unfocused.

The face is very pale, which may suggest that the person is in a critical condition or dead and the blood may also imply that the person has experienced an over dose on cocaine. The blood becomes the central focal point, which immediately captures the viewer’s eye, which then gravitates to the shape of the nose.

The size of the nose also intensifies the overall image, which may invite the public to recognise the dangers of illegal drug consumption. Perhaps the text is similar to particles of cocaine, which is positioned in lines that is then snorted by the user. The text also corresponds with the unconscious person and the trickles of blood, which effectively display the consequences for inhaling dangerous substances.

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