Anti Aids Campaign

Anti Aids Campaign appropriation of Salvador Dali’s Voluptas Mors

One could argue that thus particular advertisement is another appropriation of Dali’s photograph, In Voluptas Mors 1951. The skull image of the skull is created with a composition of men or women, who are engaged in sexual activity. Although the women in Dali’s original photograph appear sensual and suggestive, the women in this particular advertisment do appear very provocative and erotic. The anti aides campaign use the composition of the skull and the subject’s sexual gestures as a way to encourage the public to use protection.

The background also provides the image with a tactility and a textural appearance, which may also emulate silky bed covers that highlight the nude figures within the centre of the advertisement. Perhaps the sexual activity within the perhaps leads the viewers eyes to the outline of the skull, which then clearly links death with unprotected sex.


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