Field Trip

20/4/12 Field Trip – ACMI, Melbourne

Attended a conference, which featured artists, photographers, designers, illustrators and animators who discussed their work in detail. Each artist / designer conducted a presentation, which demonstrated their own experiences, techniques and methods in relation to their own practise, which was then incorporated into the other artist’s work in order to create a different style. it was very interesting to see what the artists/designers had created and how they used programs such as Adobe illustrator or photoshop. The conference did provide different ideas or concepts that I could use for my own research project.

Image, The Design Files, (accessed 20/4/12)

Travis Price

Price’s work also features skulls in some of his work and it was interesting to see how the designer applied different gradients to his own image in illustrator.The field trip catalogue also explains that that designer has worked for highly recognisable companies such as Milo and Drumstick. Travis’s designs feature a close association with popular culture, which often displays recognisable or iconic images or representations.

Image from Jack Winter Group Website,, Jacky Winter Group, 2012 (accessed 20/4/12)

Jo Duck

Towards the end of the conference, photographer Jo Duck explained how she combines different styles or elements in order to create an interesting photograph. Duck also described her own approach to different photo shoots, which have involved research and listening to sound tracks, which were then forwarded to the models, makeup artists or hair stylists. It was really interesting to actually see the photographer install an actual photo shoot on stage and to see what type of equipment was used.

Image, fdblog, (accessed 20/4/12)

Tin & Ed

Tin and Ed are two artists who began making an artwork on stage with colourful sheets of paper and card. There were a lot of bright colours and geometrical shapes, which looked similar to a character from Pac Man. It was interesting to see the final product and Jo Duck photographed the cardboard headpiece, which was placed on top of the model’s head. All of the artist’s works linked together in order to create an artwork towards the end of the day, which was very creative. It was also interesting to see other artists work together in order to produce something different. The conference also included Beci Orphin, Jeremy Ley, 21-19, Toby & Pete, who also presented interesting and inspiring work.

Image, Life Lounge, (accessed 20/4/12) 

Jacky Winter Group, “Field Trip.” Australian Centre for Moving Image, Melbourne, 2012

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