12/4/12 – Skull Collage

All of the images have been photocopied from Craniofacial Identification in Forensic Medicine by John, Clement. G , and David. L Ranson, eds. Due to copyright, the images will not be used for any other purposes.

The book was retrieved from RMIT University Library and there were over 30 images of the skull within the text. I wondered what the images would look like if they were all composed on the same page. Each page, which featured an image of a skull was attached to a separate sheet of paper and the images were cut or fragmented in order to create a different composition.

The purpose of the collage was to determine whether the images would create a different context or representation. The fragmented shapes and angles deconstruct the original images. The collage questions whether the compositions of skulls intensifies the notion of death or whether the unusual juxtapositions formulate a different meaning or association.

To me, the different skulls still represent death, although the positioning of all the different images may also deconstruct the original, natural form of the skull, which may initiate another explanation.The main reason why I produced the collage was to stimulate different ideas and experiment with different shapes or compositions.

John, Clement. G , and David. L Ranson, eds. Craniofacial Identification in Forensic Medicine. London: Hodder Deadline Group, 1998.
Images from pages 39 – 41 

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