Stop Motion

5/5/12 – Stop Motion Animation with Skull

After watching Paranormal Activity, I decided to create a quick stop motion animation with the clay/ceramic skull in the spare bedroom. I downloaded a program on the ipad, which composed all the photos into a simple animation. After each photograph, the skull was moved just a small fraction for another shot. The photos were taken with the ipad and the program automatically combined the all of the images in order to create a stop motion animation.

It was quite difficult to take photos with the ipad, especially without a stand or anything to support it. The file was then transferred onto the computer and into a basic editing program, where I was able to modify the animation. Sounds from garageband were then transported into the animation, which was combined with basic sounds from imovie.

Short stop motion animation, will hopefully generate ideas or other concepts that could be used for the project. This is just a test or an experimentation of different techniques and I wanted to explore a medium that I am not familiar with, such as animation. I also experimented with different colours or sounds in order to determine how these particular elements can intensify the actual image of the skull.

I was immediately attracted to the skull’s sparkly sockets and it was quite strange to wake up next to a skull that was staring directly at me. I tried to think of ways to apply the skull with a creative concept.

If I was to produce another animation for the project, I would use a proper SLR camera with a tripod in order to minimise movement. The daylight and the space would also have to be taken into consideration, when producing the stop motion animation. I would then use final cut pro to edit or modify the sequences / frames.

(Video: uploaded on youtube)

Barry Purves, Stop Motion: Passion, Process and Performance (Burlington: Elseiver Ltd, 2008) 9-10

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