Blue Girl with Wine

10/4/11 – Tim Burton, Blue Girl with Wine, 1997

While flipping through a catalogue that I had bought at the Tim Burton exhibition in 2010, I recognised the image on the back, which features a tall blue woman who is juxtaposed next to a bottle of wine. The wine bottle also features the image of the Jolly Roger, which contrasts with the shape and the colour of the bottle.

It is hard to identify whether the Woman is alive or dead, although the Jolly Roger, the colour of her skin, the stitches and her rigid figure may suggest that she is a corpse. Ron Magliozzi examines Burton’s technique and his stylised effects provide Burton’s image with a sense of individuality and character, which is also exemplified in this particular image.

Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton, 1994.

One could argue that the woman is also wearing a very striking dress, which effectively distort her figure and the viewer’s gaze is directed towards the woman’s waist / chest. The black and white stripes almost resembles a faces, which corresponds with the white Jolly Roger on the side of the image.

From a personal perspective the woman within the image does feature a similar  appearance to Sally in the Nightmare before Christmas. Sally also features light blue skin, stitches, long hair and body parts, which fall apart during the film. Perhaps Burton used this particular character as inspiration for the Blue girl with Wine.

Polizotti, Mark. Alexander Mcqueen: Savage Beauty.  New York: The Metropolitan Musuem of Art, 2011

Burton, Tim. “The Nightmare before Christmas “, 73 Minutes. United Kingdom Touchstone Home Video, 1993

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