Blue Girl with Skull

Tim Burton (Untitled) Blue girl with Skull 1992-99

I also recognised this particular photo with the Tim Burton catalogue, which reminded me of Slyvia Ji’s work and the Mexican sugar skulls. In the previous post I initiated some similarities between Burton’s Blue girl with Wine and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas.

The woman within the picture also features similarities with these two particular characters that I have mentioned.  The figure also features very pale blue skin, stitches and dark red hair, which contrasts with the skull that is positioned beneath her feet. One could argue that the Blue girl with Skull is very similar to the Blue girl with Wine. They both feature a very rigid structure and motionless expression, which may suggest death or mortality. 

The skull becomes the very first subject that is recognised before the other aspects within the image. The colour immediately contrasts with the dark background and the skull stares directly at the viewer. Although there is not a lot of information in relation to the photograph, it could be argued that Burton still injects a very distinctive and unique style into the image. 

The project may feature a series of portraits in relation to the skull and I thought that Tim Burton’s photograph would be a perfect example. Perhaps i could incorporate different styles or techniques into my own series of photographs that I plan to produce as part of the research. 

Burton, Tim. “The Nightmare before Christmas “, 73 Minutes. United Kingdom Touchstone Home Video, 1993

Magliozzi, Ron He, Jenny & Warren, Kate. “Tim Burton: The Exhibiton “. Melbourne: Australian Centre for Moving Image, 2010.

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