Melbourne CBD

2/4/12 – General Pants Co

I recognised an advertisement while I was walking through Melbourne Central, which featured the Cheap Monday logo at the top. The skull is positioned on top of the model’s back, which is displayed opposite the text, “Jeans define you”. Perhaps mass production has reached a certain stage where manufactured products, logos and brands begin to define a particular person and their external identity.

According to Lane Crothers, mass production has become a very significant part of the contemporary culture and it could be argued that a particular brand / logo may reflect an individual’s personality, interests or lifestyles. One may interpret this particular advertisement as a reversal where the brand wears the model instead of the model wearing the brand.

The Cheap Monday logo, which is juxtaposed with the topless model begins to question whether the symbol has any relation to death or whether the image of the skull has been transformed into a fashion icon. The image also invites me to contemplate whether this particular advertisement withdraws the image of the skull further away from any meaning or association with death and mortality.

General Pants Co allows the consumer to search for a pair of jeans on the internet, find the right size and compare different styles. Perhaps this particular site allows the user to find the perfect pair of jeans.

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General Pants Co,, General Pants Co, 2012 (accessed 15/4/12)


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