The Woman in Black

31/3/12 – 2012 Remake

There were several scenes within the film that did cause me to jump a few times. The narrative is based upon Arthur Kipps who much is asked to manage an estate, which belonged to Alice Drablow in order to eliminate his financial difficulties and support his four year old son.

Arthur visits the abandoned mansion and begins to discover something very mysterious, he begins to recognise the woman in black, who haunts Arthur and the other neighbours within the community. Kipps attempts to reconnect the mysterious woman with her dead son in order to prevent the spirits from harming more children within the area.

The woman in black does feature a very sinister appearance and the ghost doesn’t appear to have any eyes, just two black sockets, which may resemble a skull. I thought that the woman in black may provide ideas for my photography project, which will involve painting the model’s faces in order to replicate different skulls. The woman in black does remind me of Slyvia Ji’s work, although the film features a very dark and macabre representation compared to the artist’s work.

James Watkins “The Woman in Black.” 95 Minutes. UK: Hammer Films, 2012.

Images: Hammerfilms 

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