“”Have you seen her? The Woman in Black? She once lost a boy, and now she’s come back. Our parents all worry, they make such a fuss: For if she can’t find him, she’ll take one of us.” (Child’s Voiceover: Woman in black, 2012)

The woman in black is constantly searching for her son and she seeks revenge for his death by convincing the other children in the village to commit suicide. It could be argued that the ghost is similar to the grim reaper who persuades the children to depart from the world of the living.

The poem within the film also reminds me of Tim Burton’s work, which also features poems and ryhmes. It would be interesting to create my own poems in relation to death and the skull, which would also make very interesting titles for my own work.

Watkins, James. “The Woman in Black.” 95 Minutes. UK: Hammer Films, 2012.

Magliozzi, Ron He, Jenny & Warren, Kate. “Tim Burton: The Exhibiton “. Melbourne: Australian Centre for Moving Image, 2010.

Video, Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-YXvvt4UaU 

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