29/3/12 Skullcandy

I recognised another person wearing skullcandy headphones, which featured the logo of the skull on either side. This particular logo appears very simplistic and the the image also features organic shapes, which are used to construct a basic outline of a skull. Black & White has been used for the logo, although the products to feature different styles and colours.

It could be argued that the photographs of the headphones also feature very vibrant and dynamic shapes, which appear similar to confectionary advertisements. One may argue that the wires within the photograph appear similar to dripping paint. The wires also remind me of those lollies with the sugary substances in the middle, which begins to drip once you bite into the middle.

In referencer to the Skullcandy website, the brand advertises sport such as snowboarding or basketball. The majority of their products are combined with anything that is popular or anything that is currently fashionable. The simplistic compositon of shape and line within the logo also formulates a basic representation of a skull. The two circles and the angular nose with the two large teeth, may allow the consumer to associate the form with the skull.

It’s interesting to recognise that the main logo is black and white, while the products are displayed in colour.  It could be argued that the products feature similarities to the sugar skulls, which also combine the skull with vibrant and bold compositions. The brand name may also feature similarities to the Sugar skulls, which are sold during the Day of the Dead Festival.

The Black & White representation of the skull could feature similarities to the jolly Roger. Perhaps the logo is an appropriation of the Jolly Roger.

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Cadafalch, Antoni. The Day of the Dead: El Dia De Los Muertos.  London: Koreno Books, 2011



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