26/3/12 Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim burton

I decided to walk around Minotaur, which is located on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. Minotaur is a store, which specialises in Popular Culture merchandise, which ranges from horror films, sci fi and Japanese anime to comic books and t-shirts. I also noticed a large selection of products, which featured the skull.

The placement and the positioning of each particular product was also very interesting. The horror film section and figurines were placed right next to all the Tim Burton merchandise.

The Sci -fi and the anime were separated into completely different sections within the store. Perhaps the skulls and the horror films are categorised in the same group because they both represent death.

All the figurines, which replicate characters from horror films were placed right next to the Jack Skeleton merchandise. Jack is the main character within Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, which is aimed towards adults and children.

In comparison the Horror figurines or characters may attract an older demographic or collectors who are interested in the Horror genre. One may argue that Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t purely designed to scare or frighten the audience in comparison to the horror figurines or films, which feature very macabre and sinister aesthetics.

Australian Centre for Moving Image, Tim Burton Exhibition (Melbourne: Australian Centre for Moving Image, 2010)

Minotaur, http://www.minotaur.com.au/

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