Skull Logo

Skull Logo from Scott Pilgrim 24/3/12

Scott pilgrim also features a character known as Tom, who is another evil ex boyfriend of Ramona Flowers. Tom also plays guitar in a band also known as The Clash at Demon head, which also features Pilgrims ex girlfriend as the signer. Tom was wearing a t-shirt with this particular logo on the front, which appears similar to Pilgrim’s pixelated skull t-shirt.

One may argue that the style of the image does feature similar qualities to the Jolly Roger, which is also displayed in black & white. The skull has been simplified down to basic forms and elements, although the skull also features sinister qualities, which may signal danger.

On the other hand the simplistic image of the skull may feature a close relation to commercialisation instead of death and mortality. This particular argument may emphasise whether consumerism detracts the skull from the subject of death. Perhaps this simplified version of the skull withdraws the image from the concept of death in order to become another industrialised product waiting to be removed from the self.

Perhaps the Western culture feel comfortable when the skull is portrayed within a simplified format and these particular images may reflect society’s own way with coping or coming to terms with death.Another area I am really interesting in is minimalism and whether the skull has become a minimal subject through art and design. Minimalism is an area that will be researched over the next couple of weeks in order to determine whether death has also become a minimal form.

Cadafalch, Antoni. The Day of the Dead: El Dia De Los Muertos.  London: Koreno Books, 2011

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