Lonsdale Street

Full Length Skeleton – 24/3/12

While walking down Lonsdale Street, I recognised this shop that sold skulls or skeletons in different shapes and sizes. The skulls were replicas and the store also featured skeletal remains from different animals. I was interested in the full length skeleton, which featured very accurate proportions.

The skeletal form was very refined and each bone contained a very high level of detail.Except for the rubber on the ribcage it was like standing to a real skeletal form. The shopkeeper had explained that the skeleton is designed to assist medical students in order to  identify different parts or structures of the body. An actual human skeletan was used as a reference in order to create the model.

Christine Quigley also emphasises how the skeleton is used in schools or universities in order assist students from an art or a science background. The particular models also feature different colours and the skeletal figure also highlights certain characteristics, such as gender or sexual orientation.

Although the skeleton is used as a guide, this particular form is also displayed in shop windows especially in chemists or clothes stores.Perhaps this particular guide has also become a commercialised item or a useful way to capture the consumer’s attention from the street.

Quigley, Christine. The Corpse: A History.  North Carolina McFarland & Company Inc 1996

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