Cheap Monday

24/3/12 Cheap Monday Jeans

On the bus ride home, I recognised a woman who was wearing Cheap Monday Jeans and the skull logo was displayed on the side.  According to the Cheap Monday website, the brand was released in 2004 by two designers, ‘Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg’.The designers also created the image of the skull and the name derives from the days of the week, which inspired the name of their very first store which was called Weekend.

The website also highlights that the logo has always been very popular and now the image of the skull has now become a highly recognisable icon.One may argue that the Cheap Monday skull features similar qualities to the Mexican ‘sugar skulls’, especially the cross on the forehead. The logo also features simplistic forms and elements, which may establish similarities between the sugar skulls and the Cheap Monday Jeans.

Are the mexican sugar skulls simplistic?

From my perspective the skulls do feature a simplistic form or structure, although the different elements and aesthetic may provide a level of detail. The different lines, shapes forms and colours may provide the skull with a different context or interpretation. One may argue that the skull does feature a very simplistic form but the artistic appearance provides a detailed and a dynamic composition.

Cheap Monday,, Cheap Monday 2012 (accessed 25/3/12)

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