The Crow

The Crow (1994) directed by Alex Proyas

While searching the internet, I discovered the Crow staring Brandon Lee.  I began to recognise that this particular film has a strong connection with ‘death’ and there are certain elements that refer to Halloween.

The skull frequently appears throughout the film, which may feature a close association with the male protagonist, Eric Draven and his girlfriend who become the subject of immorality. Both characters are murdered on the night of Halloween and Eric rises from the dead exactly one year after his death to seek revenge.Boria Sax also refers to the raven, which becomes a very significant part of the film.

The crow signifies death within the film, although the bird may refer to Eric’s inseparable bond with his partner. In the opening scene Sarah quotes, “The crow carries their soul to the land of the dead”. One may argue that the film presents a dark, morbid  city, which may correspond with death and the immortal.

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