Hangman’s Joke

Hangman’s Joke Logo:

It was also interesting to recognise Eric’s album cover called the ‘Hangman’s Joke’ which Sarah discovers within his old apartment. The front and the back feature a skeletal figure with a rope around it’s neck. It could be argued that the image is quite a simplistic interpretation of the corpse and the style is quite similar to Halloween. The cover may refer to the male protagonist whose deceased form walks among the living

Jack O Lantern:

Towards the beginning of the film, there a couple of scenes, which feature Jack O Lanterns, which also remind me of the skull. I remember carving a pumpkin at a young age and placing a candle within it’s hollow shape. The pumpkin was then placed outside opposite the front door until the next day.

The eyes, nose and mouth were always sharp and angular, which may provide the pumpkin with very sinister qualities. Lesley Pratt Bannatyne explains that the Jack o Lantern represented spirits that trapped in ‘purgatory’ or other spirits that are unable to find peace.


Eric’s face paint, which features dark circles around the eyes and the mouth could feature similar qualities to the skull. Although the face paint is not an exact replica, the style may suggest certain qualities or associations with the human skull. One may argue that Eric’s character may have influenced the Joker within the new batman film, who also features a very similar appearance.

These particular styles may provide ideas for the final project, which will involve a series of portraits relating to death and Popular Culture. The objective is to replicate several styles and make some moderations in order to determine what will make an interesting composition for the photo shoot. Perhaps these style or qualities could feature elements from the Mexican ‘sugar skulls’.

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Image sourced from Skreened: http://skreened.com/risegear/hangman-s-joke

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