T Bar

19/3/12 – T Bar Melbourne Central

On the first floor in Melbourne Central, I noticed an advertisement on the path that was advertising the T Bar. The image features a variation of skulls, which are also composed next to other commercial products. The skulls within the advertisement also feature different styles and aesthetics, which also create an interesting composition. The image initiated curiosity and I began observing the front window of the store. There were many skull t-shirts on display and there was one that reminded me of traditional Renaissance paintings, which portrayed the ‘Dance of Death’.


The Dance of Death

Christine Quigley argues that the ‘Dance of Death’ became popular in Europe during the 1500’s. Hans Holbein was also recognised for his representations of the corpse or the skeletal form, which mimicked the living from fields or areas of expertise. These particular paintings are compared with representations from the Day of the Dead festival, which also displays a connection between the living and the deceased through skeletal figures.

Perhaps the T-shirt at T Bar may represent the ‘dance of death’ within the 21st century. I also recognised a young man walking down the street wearing a similar t-shirt. The skeletal figures were juxtaposed next to a large stereo, which may question the relationship between death and consumerism.

Quigley, Christine. The Corpse: A History.  North Carolina McFarland & Company Inc 1996, 28-29

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