Melbourne Central

19/3/12 Quick Brown Fox

While I was walking through Melbourne Central, I recognised a store on the top level also known as Quick Brown Fox, which sold clothes, handbags, fashion accessories, jewellery and shoes. There was a colourful skull handbag in the front window and I realised that the skulls were very minimal. This particular observation also initiated contemplation into the shape of the skull and I began to wonder whether the skull has become a simplified form. This subject is something that will be analysed or examined in further detail over the next couple of weeks.

Hart & Heim

There was another store right next to the Quick Brown Fox in Melbourne Central, that sold mini skull ornaments hanging off a wooden tree. The display was quite creative and the skulls did provide an interesting composition with the tree. I was no able to take photographs so I decided to create a couple of rough sketches as a reference. in comparison to the skull bag at the other store, the ornamental skulls were more refined and detailed.

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