Outre Gallery

8/3/12 Sylvia Ji: Red Quechquemitis, 2010

Decided to walk into an art gallery called Outre Gallery, which features a range of contemporary art and design. The space also featured artists, such as Slyvia Ji whose work featured similarities to the ‘Mexican Day of the Dead’. Most of her portraits feature a similar style to the ‘sugar skulls’.

The artist’s portraits were displayed behind the front desk in the gallery and I was immediately attracted to their facial features, which resemble similar qualities to the skull. These particular portraits began to question how the image of the skull within the Festival of the Dead influence the twenty first century.

Joshua Liner Gallery, http://joshualinergallery.com/exhibitions/ji_las_adelitas_july_10_2010/

Outre Gallery,  http://outregallery.com/

Faye Dowling – The Book of Skulls 

I also recognised a small section of the Gallery, which sold different art books and Faye Dowling’s The Book of Skulls was displayed on the front counter.

The book exemplifies different cultural representations of death across various artistic mediums. Dowling also displays different artists, sculptors, photographers, printmakers and designers that display different styles or interpretations of the human skull.

Dowling, Faye, The Book of Skulls (Laurence King Publishing, 2011)

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