The Ting Tings

8/3/12: Sounds from Nowheresville


I remember walking into JB-HI-FI a couple of weeks ago and noticing a huge display full of CD’S. There were a few album covers, which featured skulls juxtaposed with vibrant, stylized imagery. The Ting Ting’s new album, Sounds of Nowheresville was also on the shelf, which also features skulls on the front cover. One may argue that the skeletal forms feature human, life-like characteristics, which imitate different styles or trends within the contemporary culture.

Ricky Swallow – Everything is Nothing, 2003

Ricky Swallow also juxtaposes skulls or skeletal figures with mass produced products, which emphasizes the idea that consumerism may eventually surpass the human existence. Perhaps the album, which displays two corpses wearing t-shirts, hats and sunglasses may also feature similarities to Swallow’s work.

National Gallery of Victoria, “Ricky Swallow: The Bricoleur”, National Gallery of Victoria, 2012,

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